Personal Sewing Machine Orientation

You are so excited as you take out the much awaited sewing machine from the box – now what?

With this Personal One on One session you will become confident in the use of your sewing machine with how to correctly thread and operate the sewing machine. You will also learn and understand the different features and attachments of the machine.

What We Cover

  • Names of all working parts of sewing machine
  • How to wind thread onto the bobbin
  • Insertion of the bobbin into bobbin case
  • Threading of upper section of machine
  • Bring up of the bobbin thread through throat plate
  • Pattern selection symbols of sewing machine
  • How to select the different lengths and widths of stitching
  • Reverse button
  • Changing of needle
  • Attachment of presser foot onto shank
  • Understanding the adjustment of the machine tension dial
  • Use of different presser feet for zippers and buttonholes
  • Attaching button onto fabric with zig-zag machine stitch
  • Construction of a buttonhole
  • Explanation of throatplate markings and symbols on the sewing machine
  • Sew a sample fabric of straight stitching, parallel stitching, reverse stitching, corners/curves, different lengths and widths of stitching.
  • After this very hands-on session you will fully understand the function of the sewing machine where each step is demonstrated and then you will repeat the procedure becoming competent with each step in the use of the sewing machine.


$50 for a 1 hour session

What to Bring

Only your new creative friend – The Sewing Machine-  Remember to also bring the foot control pedal and attachments (presser feet) which are supplied with the sewing machine.

Booking Info

Please ring Loretta on 5447 2823/ mob 0422837256 or email to arrange a time to start loving your sewing machine.

No specific sewing skills (sewing of different seams, hemming of garments, bias binding/facings, Understanding commercial patterns, inserting a zipper) are taught in this session – only how to thread and operate your sewing machine.

If sewing skills are also required you may be interested in my Basic Sewing Course which cover these topics as well as learning how to use your sewing machine which will cover all the steps above in a class of 4 students.