Basic Sewing Course Sunshine Coast

Lucille Ball in TV show ‘Here’s Lucy

Have a BALL understanding your sewing machine and haberdashery.

Absolute beginners or rusty sewers  will have a BALL (Lucille Ball!!) building your sewing skills and knowledge with The Basic Sewing Course. The 6 x 4 hour classes will take you step by step through  how to operate your sewing machine, learn different sewing techniques and understand  commercial patterns with all the interesting sewing language!

You can use one of the supplied sewing machines if you do not owe a machine

For absolute beginners or rusty sewers.


  • 6 x 4 hour classes: $480
  • Students are welcome to pay as you go $80 per class
  • All fabrics and haberdashery (scissors, pins, thread etc) are supplied in the cost of the course

Class 1  – Understanding And Operation Of Your Sewing Machine

  • Names of all working parts of sewing machine
  • How to wind thread onto the bobbin
  • Insertion of the bobbin into bobbin case
  • Threading of upper section of machine
  • Bring up of the bobbin thread through throat plate
  • Pattern selection symbols of sewing machine
  • How to select the different lengths and widths of stitching
  • Reverse button
  • Changing of needle
  • Attachment of presser foot onto shank
  • Understanding the adjustment of the machine tension dial
  • Sew a sample fabric of straight stitching, parallel stitching, reverse stitching, corners/curves, different lengths and widths of stitching.
  • Sew a sample of a Plain Seam
  • Pressing of seams.
  • After this very hands-on session you will fully understand the function of the sewing machine where each step is demonstrated and then you will repeat the procedure becoming competent with each step in the use of the sewing machine.
Lucille Ball in TV show ‘Here’s Lucy

Class 2 – Sewing Of A Lined Tote Bag

  • Plain seam construction
  • Construction and turning through of straps
  • Halving and quartering measurements
  • Staystitching
  • Seam junctions matching
  • Attaching and bagging of lining
  • Clipping corners of seams
  • Edgestitching and Topstitching
  • Pressing
Lucille Ball in TV show ‘Here’s Lucy

Class 3 – Hemming of Garments

  • Choosing what type of hem is suitable for different styles of
  • Proper technique of pinning and turning of required adjusted length of garment.
  • Understanding what marking pens to use.
  • Marking correct measurements and cutting excess fabric of garment
  • Sewing of different samples of hems
  • Sewing a straight hem with regular machine stitched hem for casual wear
  • Hand sewn slipstitch and catchstitch hems for a more tailored look for your garments
  • Understand how to stop puckering of hems with samples sewn for a tapered leg hem and also curved hem.
  • Displayed samples of hems finished with tape or lace

On completing the hem class you will have your sewn samples and handouts for future reference.

Lucille Ball in TV show ‘Here’s Lucy

Class 4  – Bias Binding and Facings

  • What is Bias Binding and uses for Bias
  • How to cut bias strips
  • Samples sewn attaching bias on straight and curved edges
  • Function of a facing on a garment
  • Sew samples of a facing incorporating fusing interfacing, trimming, grading, clipping and understitching of facing

Properties of different interfacings and fusing of interfacing to facing

Lucille Ball in TV show ‘Here’s Lucy

Bias Binding finishing on aprons.

Lucille Ball in TV show ‘Here’s Lucy

Bias Binding finish on sleeve edge

Lucille Ball in TV show ‘Here’s Lucy
Lucille Ball in TV show ‘Here’s Lucy

Class 5 –  Understanding Commercial Patterns

  • Learn how to navigate the pattern catalogue for selection of required pattern
  • Understand the terminology of the pattern with all the special sewing language of its own
  • The three information elements of a commercial pattern…The envelope, cutting out and construction instruction sheet and the pattern tissue pieces
  • Pattern Envelope: understanding body measurements, description of garment, suggested fabrics, calculating required amount of fabric, required notions,  understanding nap, finished garment measurements chart.
  • Instruction sheet: Cutting and laying up of fabric, different legends, symbols and terminology, garment assembly instructions and pictures,
  • Tissue pattern pieces: Notches, straight grain line, transferring markings to fabric, identification  information of pattern (e.g. size, name of piece, view number, style number)
  • How to trace your size on the multi sized pattern
  • Tailor tacking for transfer of dart marking
  • Samples of lengthening and shortening of pattern piece
Lucille Ball in TV show ‘Here’s Lucy

Class 6 – Beginners Centred Zip Application

  • Understanding different zips
  • Use of a zipper foot
  • Pinning and tacking of zip
  • Topstitch zip
  • Finishing the application with a interfaced curved facing
  • Trimming, clipping and understitching of facing
  • How to use buttonhole foot with buttonhole pattern selection of sewing machine
  • Construction a buttonhole
  • Sew a button onto fabric with the sewing machine
Lucille Ball in TV show ‘Here’s Lucy

What to Bring:

  • Your sewing machine, foot control pedal and sewing machine attachments
  • A two ring folder and plastic sleeves for your sewing samples and handouts
  • Sewing machines are available for use (no cost) if you do not owe one

Booking Information:

Please contact Loretta for enrolment on

Mobile:  0422837256  Landline:  5447 2823

*$60 deposit is required to secure your place in the course.

All fabrics are included for your samples and lined tote bag. Haberdashery (scissors, pins, etc) are supplied for use in class.
Just purchase a folder & sleeves for your samples and handouts.

Basic Sewing Course:  6 x 4 hr classes  – $480

One class per week on preferred day/evening for interested students
Sewing machines are available  if you do not have one.
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